Most asset classes across the Western world now offer much lower yields than they did in previous years. This has left a large pool of investors, affluent and well informed, with capital that cannot be satisfactorily deployed.


What we do

Pallas offers a range of high yield, property-backed investment opportunities for these investors.

Pallas Capital operates a highly successful team of professionals and market experts, who originate property backed investment opportunities for sophisticated investors looking for high yield with relatively low risk. Each Pallas Capital investment is a participation in a stand-alone property loan or property development project.

This allows our investors to choose their own risk/return profile, to arrange their investments so as to fit in with their cash-flow requirements, to set their own risk parameters and to focus on preferred asset classes or geographic areas.

What we offer

We offer a range of investment types, including participations in:

  • Loans supported by registered first mortgages, typically returning about 8% – 10% per annum net to our investors.

  • Loans supported by registered second mortgages, typically returning between 12% – 14% per annum net to our investors.

  • Preference equity or mezzanine debt, typically returning about 13% – 18% per annum net to our investors.

Our loan participations and preference equity investments are for terms of 6 months to 18 months, with interest paid monthly or quarterly in arrears.  



How we manage risk

Our investments have a number of features in common, which enable us to manage the risk to our investors:

  • All of the loans supporting our investments are well-secured against real estate at a prudent LVR (typically 50-70%), supported by a recent valuation by a reputable valuer.

  • All of our borrowers and project sponsors are experienced and with a strong track-record; usually we will hold unlimited personal guarantees from high net-worth individuals sponsoring the borrower or developer.

  • All of the loans and development projects are actively managed by our team, which has always returned capital and the agreed income yield to our investors.