Gateway to CRE Debt

As a trusted Australian commercial real estate investment manager, Pallas Capital is strategically positioned to provide borrowers with bespoke finance solutions and private investors with access to the growing Australian alternative asset class: Commercial Real Estate (CRE) debt.


Total investments managed since inception 2016
Open and performing investments across 169 transactions
Fully repaid investments across 134 transactions
Debt and equity transactions across the capital stack
Paid to investors as interest or equity returns
A flawless track record with no loss of capital or interest on Pallas investments

Investment Products

Single Asset Investments

Our stand-alone real-estate backed loans/investments allow wholesale investors to select the opportunities they wish to participate in based on their own risk/return profile, asset allocation/portfolio construction and cash considerations.

Investors set their own risk parameters and are able to focus on any preferred sub-asset classes, geographic areas or investment tenor.

6.5-8.5% p.a.
Fixed returns with our Senior Debt, Registered First Mortgage investments up to 65% LVR.
12-15% p.a.
Fixed returns with Registered Second Mortgage or Preferred Equity investments up to 75% LVR.
18-24% p.a.
Forecast returns for Ordinary Equity investments in Fortis Development Group projects.
10 Male Street SM Capital Trust

Diversified Funds

Discretionary pooled funds that invest on behalf of our investors into a portfolio of qualifying First and/or Second Mortgage loans. Some of our First Mortgage funds also benefit from an ‘Investment Protection’ mechanism that provides a layer of first loss capital. This additional credit enhancement creates a strong alignment via its ongoing Manager co-investment.

6.85% p.a.
(incl. BBSW)
Short term investments (from 3 months) fixed return (plus 1-month BBSW) with diversified first mortgage fund, Pallas Short Term Fund.
8.93% p.a.
(incl. BBSW)
6.5% p.a. fixed return (plus 1-month BBSW), open-ended fund with opportunity to invest into Pallas Funding Trust No.1, a first mortgage warehouse facility in collaboration with an International Bank, the PFT Feeder Fund.
7.5% p.a.
Yield to maturity with the Pallas FM Trust 4-year fixed rate note, cleared through Austraclear and tradable in the secondary bond market via Bloomberg.

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