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Commercial Loan Options

As a specialist non-bank lender, our core lending products are predevelopment, construction, residual stock and commercial SME. Preferred locations include major metro as well as major regional on a case by case basis, for loans from $1 million upwards.

Introducing Pallas Funds Trust (PFT) loans

a Pallas Capital and Credit Suisse alliance

Residual Stock

You could be moving on to your next project without needing to wait to sell out.
Our new low-cost flexible loans from 6.75% can put you back in control.

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Pre- Development Loans

Save money with our low cost loans.
Our recent alliance with Credit Suisse has allowed us to reduce the price of our loans and give you even more certainty of loan.

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Commercial/ SME

Secure your venture with blue-chip loans available from $1m - $15m.
Provide us with your "outside the box" loan criteria and we will work to mould a loan to work in with your client's need.

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Why choose

Speed to Market
Pallas Capital observes a robust investment approach based on rigorous due diligence, cross-cyclical experience that can calibrate risk with inherent value. With industry best-practice and highly active investment management practices, we work hard to identify and deliver strong risk adjusted returns, as compared to other fixed income investments for our investors.
In each and every transaction, detailed credit, sponsor, asset and sensitivity modelling analyses is undertaken. All loans are secured against quality Australian real estate assets, backed by corporate and/or personal guarantees. We observe conservative Loan to Value Ratios (LVRs) and require multiple achievable exit strategies.
Pallas Capital blends industry-leading financial and CRE expertise with the flexibility and agility only a non-banking institution can provide. Our leadership team is able to move confidently and quickly for our borrowers and investors, adjusting strategies in line with prevailing market conditions and emerging opportunities.

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