Lending Product Guide

Pallas Capital provide loans to quality borrowers seeking a reliable and commercial credit process. We offer five core lending products, detailed below, with our preferred locations being metro Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide as well as major regional areas on a case by case basis. Our funding focus is generally loans up to $50 million.

6.75% p.a.
Residual Stock Loans
6.50% p.a.
Commercial / SME Loans
7.50% p.a.
Pre-Development Loans
Construction Loans
8.50% p.a.
Vacant Land Loans

“The new fund introduced through a partnership between Pallas Capital and Credit Suisse will have the same turnaround times and flexibility, but a significantly lower cost of funding.

By lending at lower rates to borrowers, we expect will swiftly carve out a leading position in the CRE lending markets. I look forward to taking these loan opportunities to our established mortgage broker clients.”

Steve Lawrence
Executive Director ‑ Lending

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