PFT Feeder Fund

Pallas Capital is pleased to introduce our latest fund, the PFT Feeder Fund a diversified, warehouse loan facility funded to-date by an international bank, Pallas Group and parties introduced by them. The purpose of the Fund is to provide investors with a vehicle through which to invest into the Pallas Funding Trust No.1 (PFT).




6.5% p.a.
+ 1 month BBSW
A Notes will attract interest at a rate of 6.5% per annum plus BBSW.
18 Months
The Fund is an open-ended fund with a minimum Issue Term ending on 1 November 2023.
62.7% LVR
Maximum look-through Loan to Value Ratio exposure across the portfolio.

Why invest in the PFT Feeder Fund?

All Loans are secured by registered first mortgages against quality Australian real estate assets, backed by corporate and/or personal guarantees. The fund does not invest in construction loans and requires multiple achievable exit strategies.
First Loss Capital Protection
Pallas Capital has taken up $29.5 million (5.0% equity buffer) in S Notes within PFT as a First Loss Capital Protection. These notes rank behind the notes subscribed by the Fund thereby reducing the overall risk profile to the investor in the unlikely event of an underperforming asset.
Qualifying Loans
Each loan taken up by PFT has to pass a 'comprehensive eligibility criteria' and comply with detailed 'portfolio parameters'. Such requirements include location and site amenity, borrower expertise, exit strategies, maximum loan term / LVR and valuation requirements.
BBSW Hedging
The Australian Bank Bill Swap Reference Rate (mid) ministered by the ASX Benchmarks is included in the Funds Interest Rate. This mechanism provides a hedge against rising interest rates.
Institutional Backing
There is significant financial participation of one of the world’s largest International Bank and institutional investors.

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