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Staff spotlight – Kevin Zhang

Kevin Zhang .

The next of our Staff Spotlight series, this week featuring Kevin Zhang our Credit Services Associate at Pallas Capital.

Can you tell us about yourself and your background?

I’m an Associate in Credit Services, responsible for analysing and underwriting various types of loans for Pallas Capital.

A Finance graduate from the University of Adelaide, I’ve worked in commercial lending for over five years, with a particular focus in development finance across the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Prior to joining Pallas Capital, I worked with La Trobe Financial, a subsidiary of The Blackstone Group, where I was entrusted to handle large and complex commercial loan enquiries for its top-tier broker network, with over $5 billion of loan transactions completed. I was also lucky enough to be chosen for the ‘Rising Star’ Award by the La Trobe CEO in 2018 from over 400 employees.

How did you come to be part of the Pallas Capital team?

During my time at La Trobe Financial, I became a real admirer of Steve Lawrence, who is now the Executive Lending Director of Pallas Capital. I learned a lot from Steve and was keen to learn even more.

This certainly drove my desire to become part of Pallas Capital when the opportunity presented itself.

What does a typical workday look like for you at Pallas Capital?

My main responsibility is conducting due diligence checks on our borrowers, our security and preparing CRA Notes for approval. I also prepare indicative term sheets and explore financial solutions to help potential deals come to fruition. That’s always very satisfying.

What has been your highlight at Pallas Capital so far?

The fast-paced and dynamic environment. Since joining the team in early 2021, I’ve underwritten in excess of $10.8 million approved loans. Currently, I’m preparing over $42 million in new loans to be approved.

What are your personal goals for 2021 outside of Pallas Capital?

I’m trying to develop more social connections, getting to know new people and sharing my knowledge of lending – something I’m very passionate about.

Of course, hopefully I can bring some new deals or investors to Pallas Capital as well.

If you would like to speak to Kevin email him at kevin.zhang@pallascapital.com.au

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