Premium CRE debt and equity strategies, providing enhanced risk-adjusted returns to wholesale investors.

Single Assets

8.0-25%+ p.a.

Mortgage-backed and equity

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Diversified Funds

9.0-13.8% p.a.

Mortgage-backed funds with
short-term and fixed rate options.

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Our Strengths

Conservative LVRs

Secured by quality Australian and New Zealand real estate, our debt instrument investments feature conservative LVRs below 65%.

Experienced Borrowers

We thoroughly assess borrower competence, experience, reputation, and sponsor quality in addition to primary security property value.

Strong Security

Our loans are supported by First and/or Second Mortgages, along with guarantees from borrowing entity Directors.

Geographic Selectivity

We target areas with strong demand and proximity to infrastructure, amenity, or emerging trends for investment.

Defined Exit Strategies

We establish and manage multiple defined exit strategies throughout the loan process for diligent risk oversight.

In-house Knowledge

Our association with Fortis is a powerful risk mitigant, bolstering our rigorous credit processes through ‘coal face’ insights, and provides in-house development management work-out expertise.

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Case Studies

Pre-Development Loan, Richmond VIC

Product Type

Single Asset First Mortgage

Investor Return

6.0% p.a. + 1 month BBSW, paid monthly




9 months

Loan Size

$17.5 million

Construction Loan, Port Melbourne VIC

Product Type

Single Asset First Mortgage

Investor Return

6.5% p.a. + 1 month BBSW, paid monthly




16 months

Loan Size

$50.5 million

Preference Unit, Elizabeth Bay NSW

Product Type

Principal Guaranteed Preference Unit

Investor Return

18.0% total; 6.0% p.a. (quarterly) + 12.0% p.a. top-up on redemption




28 months

Loan Size

$13 million

Ratings & Platforms

Contact our distribution team to discuss how our range of current opportunities may align with your portfolio requirements.

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