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Private debt includes consumer credit, CRE Debt and corporate debt. In the past, CRE debt was only accessible to institutional investors.

Today, investment in CRE Debt is an established asset class, providing attractive risk-adjusted returns with defensive and stabilising effects within a diversified portfolio. Private debt may sit within Fixed Income, Real Estate or Alternative asset allocations.

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Our Strengths

Fixed Returns

Pricing our products with fixed base rates plus a floating BBSW (30-day mid) rate provides investors with a total return that is hedged against a rising interest rate environment.

Strong Security

Our loans are supported by First and/or Second Mortgages, along with guarantees from borrowing entity Directors.

First Loss Capital Protection

Most of our first mortgage funds benefit from an ‘Investment Protection’ credit enhancement that represents an ongoing Manager co-investment.

In-house Knowledge

Our association with Fortis is a powerful risk mitigant, bolstering our rigorous credit processes through ‘coal face’ insights, and provides in-house development management work-out expertise.

Pallas Products

Pallas Short Term Fund
First Mortgage Fund, Open-Ended
Fund Highlight
Capital preservation in short-term CRE Debt investments.
Investor Return
4.75% p.a. margin above BBSW, paid monthly.
Maximum LVR
"Favourable" 3.75 star independent rating from SQM Research.
Key Feature
3-Month Redemption Notice Period.
Pallas Warehouse Trust No.3
First Mortgage Fund, Open-Ended
Fund Highlight
A seasoned portfolio of CRE Loans in blue-chip metro locations in Australia and NZ.
Investor Return
6.50% p.a. margin above BBSW, paid monthly.
Maximum LVR
"Superior" 4.0 star independent rating from SQM Research.
Key Feature
Manager alignment with 5% 'First Loss' Investment Protection.
Pallas High Yield Fund No.2
First and Second Mortgage Fund, Open-Ended
Fund Highlight
Actively-managed portfolio of structured finance investments providing attractive risk-adjusted return (current avg. weighted portfolio LVR 69.4%).
Investor Return
9.5% p.a. margin above BBSW, paid monthly.
Maximum LVR
Key Feature
Strong portfolio diversification (n>80) by investment structure and instrument type (on look-through basis).

Speak to a Pallas representative to discuss how our range of investment opportunities may align with your client’s portfolio requirements.

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