Origination Team Expansion and Future Aspirations

Jason Arnold, Group Executive of Origination, leads our now ten-member strong origination team. Having originated and settled mortgages exceeding $1.4 billion, Jason’s extensive knowledge ensures wide distribution of Pallas Capital’s lending products through high-quality commercial loan introducers. His leadership drives Pallas Capital’s ongoing success by fostering growth opportunities and maintaining a prominent presence in the lending industry.

In FY22/23, our commitment to excellence resonated with clients, resulting in $1.1 billion in CRE Debt loans settled across Australia and NZ. Our success was achieved in all loan classes: $480m in Construction, $300m+ in Investment, $250m+ in Pre-Development, and $50m+ in Residual Stock.

FY23 has continued the momentum from the previous year. The growth of our origination team will play a pivotal role in continuing to grow our lending, fortified by experienced credit and loan management teams.

Pallas Capital also expanded its’ reach to our friends in New Zealand with a commitment to deploy NZ$400m. The journey has begun well already settling over NZ$150m in new loans.

This achievement underscores our dedication to trust, transparency, reliability, consistency, and non-bank flexibility, coupled with delivering high-quality service and exceptional speed-to-market.

What sets us apart is our market-leading pricing and terms. If you have a scenario in mind, simply email lending@pallascapital.com.au and one of our dedicated originators will be in contact to see how Pallas Capital can be of assistance.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, we’re excited for a successful partnership in the year ahead.