Pallas Short Term Fund

Pallas Capital is pleased to introduce our new Short Term Fund, a diversified, open-ended fund with registered first mortgage security only over real estate assets primarily in metropolitan areas of Sydney and Melbourne.

6.0% p.a.
Investor return net of all fees paid monthly in arrears
6 Months
Minimum notice required for the redemption of units in the Fund
65% LVR
Maximum Loan to Value Ratio
Dover Street SM Trust
10 Male Street SM Capital Trust

Investment Activity

As at the 31 March 2022, the Pallas Short Term Fund was diversified across 6 first mortgage investments representing a Total Loan Investment amount of $11 million.

Locations & Property Types
Development site and / or residential, retail, commercial or industrial property, predominately located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Metropolitan areas.
Attractive Issue Term
Pallas Short Term Fund is an open-ended fund whereby there is no fixed issue term. The term is unique to each individual investor, meaning the issue term is set in respect to the issue of Notes. The six month redemption period offers investors flexible repayment options with a shorter term investment strategy.
Qualifying Loans
Each loan taken up by Pallas Short Term Fund has to pass a 'comprehensive list' of Qualifying Loan Requirements including location and site amenity, borrower expertise, exit strategies and valuation requirements. A diversification strategy is in place to reduce exposure to any single SPV lender.

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