Testimonial – GHR Financial Planning

Brad, can you tell us a little about GHR?

GHR are Certified Practising Accountants and Financial Planners with a continuous 40-year operating history on Sydney’s glorious Northern Beaches. Our practice works mainly with SMEs and family groups. Our staff and directors have very strong capabilities in Xero-based accounting, self-managed superannuation and wealth management.

How did you find out about Pallas Capital?

It was actually one of our high net-worth clients who first brought Pallas Capital to our attention. Proving we really do listen!

Can you remember your initial thoughts about our investment products?

Please don’t draw any offence from this, but our investment committee is sceptical about every investment product that’s brought to our attention at first, Pallas Capital included.

What, ultimately, made you recommend our products?

After reviewing past deals and meeting the Pallas Capital Directors, face-to-face, we tested the offering with our own funds before involving clients.

Our preference is always for strong single asset deals where the risks are well defined.

What does Pallas Capital offer that other real estate focused fund managers do not?

We don’t like it when managers send out deals purely for the sake of keeping their production and distribution line busy. Pallas Capital has stuck with their quality overlay which is important for long-term success.

What specific benefits do you receive from working with us?

For us, reliable products that do what they say are fundamental to both our client’s ongoing lifestyle and the investing relationship we have together.

How would you describe the Pallas Capital ‘offer’ to someone considering us for the first time?

Risk managed debt finance over assets located in prime capital city locations. It’s not a term deposit, but it has its place in the fixed interest/property section of portfolios to enhance income.

What three words best describe Pallas Capital to you?

Reliable. Transparent. Knowledgeable.