Testimonial – Partnership Finance Group

Matthew, can you tell us a little about PFG?

PFG is an independent commercial finance brokerage. We specialise in originating property finance transactions. We advise a strong core of key clients and regularly settle >$500 million per annum with deal sizes that typically range between $20-$60 million, and above.

How did you find out about Pallas Capital?

I originally met Dan Gallen (Pallas Capital Co-Founder & CIO) some years ago. But my relationship with Pallas Capital really began with the appointment of Steve Lawrence (Executive Director – Lending) who I knew very well from his time at La Trobe Financial.

Why did PFG decide to engage in our services?

The first deals we originated with Pallas Capital occurred during last year’s lockdown (2020), when we were in an uncertain market. The strong relationship I had with Steve, and the confidence I had in his ability to deliver, gave me comfort to recommend Pallas Capital to my clients.

What does Pallas Capital offer that other non-bank lenders do not?

Solutions and options. I find I’m able to work best ‘outside the box’ with Pallas Capital, certainly more than with other lenders in the market. There are currently a lot of lenders, so you have plenty of choice. However, I find Pallas Capital is the most flexible and commercial to work with.

Every deal is different in its own way and never typically fits within the box of a lender’s mandate. This is where I’m able to present a scenario to Pallas Capital, identify the ‘issue’ and come up with a solution that benefits all parties.

What specific benefits do you receive from working with us?

We’ve now settled more than $100 million in transactions with Pallas Capital. This gives us a lot of confidence and allows us to originate further transactions and opportunities to present to Pallas, knowing they will deliver on the terms we’ve sold to our client. This ultimately means we’re growing our business in partnership with our clients, and with Pallas Capital.

What three words best describe Pallas Capital to you?

Reliable. Commercial. Certainty.

What’s been the foundation of your business success?

Having strong relationships with lenders and clients. We’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy to developing these, and it’s seen us build deep levels of trust with our clients. Whenever I present an opportunity from Pallas Capital, they can always be certain the final approval will reflect the original indicative proposal.