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Pallas Group welcomes Mark Spring to Board of Directors

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Pallas Capital has announced the appointment of Executive Director Mark Spring to the Pallas Group board of directors.


“Joining Pallas Group’s board of directors will give me more insight and visibility into both sides of the business, and the opportunity to drive more innovation.

Spring has been a part of the Pallas Capital team since its inception in 2016, having previously held positions at BGC Partners and Prebon Yamane Group. With more than three decades of experience, he has led the capital raising efforts of Pallas Capital to ensure the business has adequate liquidity to keep pace with its lending activities, in addition to sustaining a loyal following of investors.

Over the years, Spring has led a team that utilises its financial markets expertise to drive innovation in the industry, transforming how the business operates. The launch of a four-year fixed rate Austraclear bond product, the first of its kind in Australia, was the result of this innovative approach to the business.

As part of his role, Spring will continue to enhance Pallas Capital’s investor experience, strengthening its distribution expertise with additional hires. Pallas Capital’s growing reputation and requirement for capital will also see his current responsibilities as Executive Director continue to expand, as he leads innovation in capital sourcing both domestically and internationally.

“Pallas Capital has witnessed incredible growth over the years. We have reached some exciting milestones in the last 18 months, including reaching over $1.3 billion in cumulative transactions since inception and over $800 million in funds currently under management. Our growth has been made possible by our strong base of investors and lenders, who see value in our product and service. Joining Pallas Group’s board of directors will give me more insight and visibility into both sides of the business, and the opportunity to drive more innovation,” says Mark Spring, Director, Pallas Group.

Pallas Capital and developer Fortis form part of Pallas Group, a business that provides specialist investment, lending and development solutions in the boutique property market in Australia. Substantial growth in the business has led to the staff size increasing from 41 at the start of 2021 to a current strength of 85.

Pallas Capital is one of the fastest growing structured property investment arrangers in Australia. The business provides funds for loans secured against non-specialised property assets – chiefly premium, city-fringe assets with values between $5 – $40 million in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Its loans are supported by detailed due diligence on the borrower, a realistic and multi-faceted exit strategy, and active management of all loans by the Pallas Capital team throughout the term.

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