Testimonial – Hewison Private Wealth

Travis, can you tell us a little about Hewison Private Wealth?

Hewison Private Wealth was founded in Melbourne 36 years ago with a strong emphasis on long-lasting relationships. We are independent financial advisers, self-licensed and not linked to any one financial institution.

We have no obligation to push one ‘product’ over another and manage all client investments internally without third party administration services. The advice we provide is entirely unbiased and tailored to an individual’s situation, goals and objectives. All advisers are degree-qualified & holders of the CFP designation.

How did you find out about Pallas Capital?

Pallas Capital reached out to us directly around four years ago. Being based in Sydney and with us in Melbourne, it was great to have Patrick, Dan and Craig visit our offices to introduce themselves and the Pallas Group in person.

Several Pallas Capital funded projects were underway in Melbourne at the time in surrounding suburbs near our office, so having that tangible connection with what our clients could participate in was helpful too.

Can you remember your initial thoughts about our investment products?

We certainly weren’t sceptical. Hewison Private Wealth has been recommending direct contributory first mortgage investments for over 25 years. Given our clients have enjoyed a lot of success through non-bank real estate lending, it’s an area we’re very familiar with. We use several first secured mortgage providers with each offering complimentary characteristics to our client portfolios, Pallas Capital included.

What, ultimately, made you recommend our products?

We were attracted to Pallas Capital’s experienced management team, alignment with our own investment philosophy and the quality counterparties they attract through their networks. This provides us with confidence our client’s funds are secure while generating attractive income returns.

The depth of information made available to our Investment Committee also enhances the thoroughness of our due diligence process for each individual loan as they really understand our investment criteria. Pallas Capital effectively tailors the opportunities presented to us to suit our clients’ needs.

What does Pallas Capital offer that other real estate focused fund managers do not?

Our real estate backed first mortgage book is highly diversified across asset types and funding purposes. Pallas Capital offers specific opportunities that have different characteristics to the other groups we work with, such as construction financing for luxury developments or pre-development land loans to assist with settlement in prestigious Sydney and Melbourne locations.

Being based in Melbourne, having a Sydney-based partner also provides us with access to high quality on-the-ground opportunities which we otherwise might not easily be able to identify from Melbourne.

What specific benefits do you receive from working with us?

As mentioned, the quality of information provided to us when considering new lending opportunities helps our internal due diligence processes run smoothly. Pallas Capital’s distribution team secures allocations for our clients within individual loans which is important when investor demand for yield without taking on high levels of risk is so high in the current climate. Income is paid on time and above all, capital repaid in full at the scheduled maturity for each loan term.

The flexibility to diligently select what we invest in is also very important and Pallas Capital offers this.

How would you describe the Pallas Capital ‘offer’ to someone considering us for the first time?

Pallas Capital is a reliable partner in adding value to the secured first mortgage element of our client portfolios. Our clients have always been invested in a timely manner with little downtime in cash.

While income returns can be appealing, capital security is above all and the Pallas Capital team make it easy for us to identify what measures have been put in place to mitigate risks within the unique framework for each individual funding opportunity that is put forward to us.

What three words best describe Pallas Capital to you?

Transparent. Honest. Reliable.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your Pallas Capital experience?

Pallas Capital is a quality non-bank lending partner and the positive feedback from our clients, Investment Committee, Financial Advisers and Client Service team is a testament to this.

We’re confident the shared responsibility for our clients’ capital is always in good hands with Pallas and we look forward to growing our partnership into the future.