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VOW Financial Commercial Conference

Denis Dundovic .

Pallas Capital was recently invited to become an approved lender under the VOW Pilot Programme. Being trusted by an industry leading aggregator with a network of over 1,250 mortgage and financial brokers was a huge accomplishment for Pallas Capital, positively impacting the perception and credibility of our business but also the ‘attractive’ lending products we offer.

Recently I was presented with the opportunity to attend the 8th VOW Financial Commercial Conference, representing Pallas Capital among many lenders and mortgage brokers across Australia. For those of you that don’t know, VOW is an award-winning wholesale mortgage and financial aggregator who host an annual commercial conference for all brokers to enhance their businesses and be educated on what is happening in the commercial space.

The conference was an engaging experience, consisting of a Gala dinner, Partner Trade Area and guest speakers discussing market insights and outlooks for 2022. It was great for upskilling, networking and discussing opportunities. We met with numerous brokers throughout the conference, sharing the Pallas vision and discussed our points of difference to other lending corporations.

Click below to view our Lending Brochure that was shared at the conference.

Lending Brochure 

We anticipate our appearance at the 2022 conference to boost the traction of our recent success, further expanding our loan book which has increased 145% over the past four years.

Thank you VOW Financial for inviting us to your 8th annual commercial conference, it was a fantastic weekend and we cannot wait for the next one.

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