Pallas Capital supports a wide range of charities and organisations. We’re proud to help people achieve what matters, today and for generations to come.

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A night of compassion


Provide working capital facility in anticipation of sale of the Security Property. This enabled the Borrower to continue their philanthropy work and meet day-to-day living expenses.


Australian Red Cross 2018

In partnership with the Society of Women Leaders of the Australian Red Cross, Pallas Capital were delighted to attend a Boardroom Series Lunch at Molo Bar, with an amazing group of industry leading women, to celebrate a successful Financial Year of fundraising for Red Cross projects both in Australia & internationally, and to learn more about philanthropy in Australia. The team at Pallas Capital would like to thank the Australian Red Cross for their continued hard work and dedication by helping hundreds of women and children across Australia and internationally. 


A night of compassion


A twelve month loan offered to enable the borrower to settle a luxury residential property which they purchased under an option agreement five years ago.


64% • $1,300,000 • 14%